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About New Life South Africa

The Most Trusted and Reliable Egg Donor Service provider

 Egg Donation forms a very important part in sophisticated ART treatments. Therefore, intending parents are on a constant lookout for healthy and reliable egg donors, which is quite difficult to locate.  New Life South Africa has specialized in compiling quality egg donors ready to render egg donation services anywhere in the world. South Africa being a land of multiracial people provides a wide range of egg donors coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds to meet the demands of intending parents across the globe.

Shining in the crowd

We in New Life South Africa take immense pride in arranging the best egg donor services due to the following:

  • Egg donors from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds constitute our huge database offering a lot of options to intending parents.
  • We perform a thorough evaluation and screening of medical and psychological health of the egg donors before including them in our database.
  • Minute details of the donor’s lifestyle and traits are provided in the database along with their childhood photographs to maintain their anonymity.
  • Our egg donors meet all the necessary eligibility criteria for egg donation.
  • The intending parents have a direct access to our egg donor’s database
  • Excellent time saving coordination by our egg donor coordinators and the clients
  • Many donors with prior egg donation experience abroad are used to the treatment procedures and overseas travel.
  • Our egg donors confident of their potential are ready to venture outdoors to any corner of the globe anytime as per the demands of the intending parents.
  • Special attraction – Huge number of Caucasian Egg Donors
  • Maintaining credibility is of immense importance to us. We verify all information provided by our egg donors before putting them in our database.

Great rewarded for Egg Donation!

Our respect for the egg donors is immense.  Therefore, these generous ladies bent on discharging their duties are looked upon with dignity.  Their safety and comfort are also our prime concern. We monitor the entire egg donation procedure with utmost care so as not to cause any harm to the donor’s health. Our remuneration packages for the egg donors are unquestionably the best as per the global standards that encourage them for further services in near future.

  • The donor’s consent to our proposals is important. Therefore, we provide a comfortable egg donation schedule while in overseas clinics.
  • The entire planning, remuneration and terms and conditions are informed to the donors well ahead prior to taking up the assignment.
  • We ensure a safe travel and stay of the donors in abroad collecting updates at regular intervals. If required, updated information are also provided to donor’s family members back home.
  • Accommodation provided to our egg donors is the best along with decent food and other amenities.
  • In spare times, our donors experience myriad culture and beauty of the destination through entertaining outdoor trips at our expenses.