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Welcome to New Life South Africa, a franchisee of New Life Global Healthcare Network, the most reliable name in Global Fertility services exhibiting the highest order of professional excellence and personalized care.  New Life South Africa has been offering excellent egg donation services arranging best quality egg donors who are willing to travel anywhere in the world for this noble venture

Donate your eggs – Earn handsome rewards.

New Life South Africa always encourages the willing donors providing the best cooperation and arrangements for them.  We respect your service and reward you handsomely. Fill in an Egg Donor application form available in our website and send it to We will get in touch with you within hours.

Know More about Egg donation

Every young woman cannot be donors neither egg donation carry any serious health risk. New Life South Africa’s egg donor database is compiled after thorough medical and psychological screening. Our FAQ section will help you with all the necessary information about eligibility and procedure resolving your doubts and queries. Check your eligibility and donate eggs unhesitatingly.

Egg donation process

Egg donation demands a number of medical tests and screening which are done in most advanced clinics with utmost precision without causing any harm to donor’s health. Retrieval of eggs from the donor’s ovaries is the most vital step, and we ensure that the eggs produced are healthy enough for a guaranteed pregnancy and healthy child birth.

Get the right match

Best option for intended parents with a wide variety of donors to choose from. You get free access to our egg donor database through a log in ID and password provided by us. You can scan the database thoroughly with various search options and make a few selections. We will guide you through the procedures thereafter.


What we Offer ?

  • Top grade egg donation clinic organizing competent services from quality egg donors from South Africa.
  • Huge collection of potential egg donors with diverse ethnicity meeting the varied choices of any intending parent.
  • Enriched egg donor database comprising of quality egg donors of age group of 18 to 35 years.
  • Exclusive collection of Caucasian egg donors considering their high demand.
  • Best compensation package to the willing egg donors.
  • Our egg donors are always ready to fly any part of the globe to render their egg donation services.  We make sure they get the best comfort and taken care of well that they experience a memorable stay out of home.


Exclusive egg donor database for guaranteed success

Healthy egg with high fertilization potential is a prime requisite to carry out different ART treatments successfully. Therefore, we adopt stringent egg donor selection procedure that has helped in building an exclusive egg donor database over time.  Much of our success in ART is derived from this database that leaves the intending parents smiling at the end of the day.

  • An egg donor selection is finalized only after a thorough medical and psychological screening which the donor candidates abide by willingly.
  • Every minute detail of egg donors including education, lifestyle, hobbies and family history are recorded in the database facilitating the intending parents to have a thorough look prior to selection.
  • Our entire donor selection, egg donation and egg retrieval procedure demands minimum time.

We confirm a sound physical and mental health of the donors before including them in our database.


Expertise and commitment – Our key towards success

Egg donation and egg retrieval demand the highest degree of precision, which we carry out successfully adopting state-of-the-art medical techniques taking best care of the donor health at the same time. We respect the philanthropic attitude of our valued egg donors and make sure they don’t face any health threat. Our dealing with egg donors with personalized care keeps them motivated to repeat egg donation services with us.

New Life South Africa being an offshoot of New Life Georgia, founded by Dr Mariam Kukunashvili, an internationally reputed infertility specialist, we strictly maintain our level of commitments and services adhering to the laws of the land following the footsteps of our parental organization.

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New Life South Africa – Most reliable Services

New Life South Africa has been providing the best egg donors from South Africa to intending parents across the globe. Bearing the prestigious flag of our parent organization New Life Global Network, Georgia, we at New Life South Africa, have come up as the most reliable provider of quality egg donors whom intended parents and willing donors trust most.

Why New Life?

  • The versatile Infertility Treatment provider offering ground breaking infertility treatments across the globe.
  • Recognized as one of the pioneers in infertility solutions
  • Use of the state-of-the-art medical treatments supported by a superb infrastructure
  • Knowledgeable and dedicated team maintaining the highest level of commitment
  • Convenient clinic locations with varied treatment options across the globe

Why South Africa?

  • High availability of quality egg donors as people from different ethnic background reside in South Africa.
  • South African legislation allows egg donation though one has to comply with certain established ethical guidelines.
  • Anonymity of the egg donor is strictly maintained.
  • Egg donation in South Africa is a comfortable process and affordable.

Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili | Founder/Director

The New Life Global Network is an obsession of Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili. The distinguished lady at the helm of affairs at the New Life Global Network is an active member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Doctor, PHT in Healthcare Management and Policy. She has been the principle author of the highly acclaimed book “Surrogate Motherhood: The World Practice and Georgian Reality “. Discussing the nuances of surrogacy situation in the US, the book intends to make a strong statement regarding the policy development in the field.
In a constantly evolving field, she has emerged as a ray of hope for people suffering from infertility. With an enviable experience in a fertility treatment and healthcare behind her, she understands the myriads of needs and aspirations

Our Destinations

"First of all I’d like to thank to all New Life Team for the work you do. It’s wonderful way you help to create life and achieve people’s dreams… by the way WE PREGNANT ”"

− Thank you New life

"I donated in India recently – what an awesome experience! The Coordinator was on the ball with all the arrangements, I did not have to worry about a thing. The special care and attention I received was top class and made me feel totally at ease. Our Coordinator has gone out of her way to treat us and made this trip a memorable one. I loved every minute of it, visiting the Taj Mahal was one truly magical."