Become Egg Donor

Become Egg Donor

Donate your eggs – Travel the world with New Life South Africa and earn handsome rewards

Why should you donate your eggs?
A healthy woman produces 1-2 millions of eggs in her lifetime which gets wasted. On the other hand, thousands of childless couples face a severe psychological strain due to the inability of the female partner to produce healthy eggs with high reproductive potential. A noble gesture of yours through egg donation can bring back smiles to those hapless couples. Quality egg donors are not found easily across the globe not even in highly developed nations. The heartening fact is that your fertility will not be lost due to egg donation.
Become Egg Donor

Be an esteemed Egg- Donor

Every woman cannot be an egg donor. To get certified as a quality egg donor, a woman should satisfy certain conditions. New Life South Africa maintains a comprehensive database of healthy egg donors from diverse background offering them the best opportunity to render their noble service. We encourage women from any ethnic or cultural background provided they fulfill the following criteria.

A willing egg donor should:

  • Be between 21-35 years of age
  • Not be a smoker or alcoholic
  • Possess a sound medical and psychological health
  • Undergo a thorough medical and psychological screening by an authorized clinic to rule out any serious disorders that may affect the newborn adversely.
  • Give a written consent to egg donation terms and conditions after having a thorough look at it. Our egg donor coordinators will provide you a clear explanation of all.

Egg donation is a simple and rewarding process!

Egg donation is a simple process involving minimum risks, and New Life South Africa always takes care to fetch the best rewards for your time and efforts involved in this invaluable service.  Rewards are always satisfying that will encourage you for further egg donation service.

We care for you.

While sending egg donors abroad, we at New Life South Africa take utmost care of:

  • Your due compensation from the recipient
  • Your accommodation and food in starred hotels with exquisite dining facilities.
  • The entire medical procedure arranged in top grade IVF and fertility clinics run by the best talents of reproductive medicine ensuring zero risk to your health.
  • In providing updates to your family back home as and when required. You will be in constant touch with us and your family.
  • The time schedule of egg donation process so that you can fly back in time.
  • Arranging free of cost pleasure trips amidst your clinic schedule

Take the first step today

  • Fill up the online Application Form provided in our website without concealing facts and figures.
  • After initial scanning, you will be called for an interview
  • You may have to submit 5 childhood photographs to protect your anonymity as per South African Law.
  • Further procedures for screening tests will be explained to you step wise

Give up your hesitation. Brighten up lives.