New Life South Africa Advantage

South Africa is a highly favorable destination for the childless couples searching an answer to their infertility issue. In South Africa, the surrogacy and egg donation services are trustworthy yielding positive outcomes. Availing the amazing situational advantages that exist in this country, New Life South Africa has mobilized all its medical and non medical resources supported by a team of brilliant and motivated staffs to provide high quality infertility treatment services to intending parents coming from all walks of life irrespective of their social, religious, economical and cultural profile.

The surrogate mothers available locally are healthy and young with high performance record. They provide low cost and efficient service. However, New Life South Africa has enough contacts to get surrogate mothers flown in from any corner of the world if circumstances demand so. The biological father from overseas can have his sperm frozen and preserved in New Life South Africa’s highly sophisticated clinical laboratory. One can get their eggs fertilized with the frozen sperms to create an embryo through IVF and call in a surrogate mother for implantation. The pregnancy may develop at any part of the world on which New Life South Africa keeps a tab, and the delivery of the baby can be had at any place of the world according to the suitability of the intending parents. However, New Life South Africa monitors the entire process closely. This speaks volumes about the organizing capabilities of this full service fertility clinic.

Let us now take a look at what makes intending parents opt for South Africa for infertility treatment instead of US and Europe:

  • Firstly, infertility treatment together with surrogacy and egg donation services in South Africa is cost effective forming 70% of what is spent on these treatments and ancillary services in United States and in economically developed European countries.
  • New Life South Africa strives to provide top class infertility treatment, surrogacy and egg donation services to the gratification of customers yielding successful results. This is in line with the motto of New Life’s global network of providing services to the customers which should be unmatched in quality and dedication.
  • The team of New Life South Africa works with passion and with a purpose. They are compassionate towards the intending parents and delivering results. They belong to both medical and non medical departments. They are qualified, updated and focused. Our medical support system and laboratory resources are of top quality to serve the customers with success fulfilling their dream of parenthood.
  • The IVF, ICSI and PGD services offered by New Life South Africa has won global accolades and the infertility scientists working here are globally famous, many of them having valuable contributions in the medical journals having international reputation.
  • New Life South Africa has acquired extensive international exposure in infertility treatment and embryology issues. Our methods are infallible and our staffs dedicated.
  • Our staffs have excellent contacts with the surrogate mothers. Anytime they can be called in to chalk out a feasible surrogacy service program most suitable for our clients.
  • Our packages are low priced and can conveniently be paid in installments.
  • New Life South Africa’s website is comprehensive with the right information. Your email queries will be reverted back within an hour or two.
  • New Life South Africa takes immense pride in the quality of its services and untiring efforts of the team members.
  • New Life South Africa’s surrogate mothers have high professional potential. They all have at least one healthy child and the birth certificate carries only the names of the intending parents. Details of the surrogate mother are made known to customers.
  • Availability of surrogate mothers in South Africa is more than in US and Europe both in terms of quality and quantity.
  • New Life South Africa’s founder members have vast global experience in infertility treatment.
  • Regarding infertility treatment of intending parents New Life South Africa’s success rate is enviably high.