Donors Enjoying Their Stay in Thailand

Our South African donors enjoying the Elephant Ride Day Tour they did today before their return to South Africa.
The Groups programs went very smoothly and we looking forward hearing the final results.
Thank you once again to our amazing donors for giving this opportunity to intended parents.
3 of our donors in this group had the chance to meet up with their intended parents and this is what one of our donors Tia wrote:

“I’m really glad to have met you both, I was nervous myself but after knowing that you guys are so down to earth, I felt comfort and warmth within myself.
I know that you both will be successful in this and have a beautiful child and children in the future. As I mentioned she or he will bring you love, joy and happiness and keep you on your toes. I am so proud to be a part of helping you to have a family – a happy family is the best family 🙂

Best wishes, hugs and, as you would say, fingers crossed. Xx”