Intended Parents

Intended parents

In New Life South Africa, we have varied programs and packages of egg donation and surrogacy for childless couples interested in infertility solution.  Intending parents can select candidates for surrogacy as per their choice, and we would be able to smoothly organize surrogacy services from Thai, Ukrainian and Georgian surrogate mothers willing to travel to South Africa for transferring embryos created by IVF in New Life South Africa’s world class infertility clinic laboratory. Intending parents may take delivery of the new born in Thailand, Ukraine or in Georgia as they desire. For availing further details, the intended parents may send an email in the following address:

New Life Global network of which New Life South Africa is an integral part was set up on the premises of the motto everyone as the right to enjoy the bliss of parenthood. Although our parental organization is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, our network has spread far and wide gaining rapid popularity for its unbeaten quality in infertility treatment services. We have branches in Ukraine, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Poland, and Israel and of course in South Africa to name only a few countries. Our clinics are well equipped and laboratories supported with the latest medical gadgets. Our team is our back bone and comprising of fertility specialists, doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, technicians and infertility consultants. They are all focused in discharging their responsibilities and attend your case with undivided attention. The entire team is updated on the latest developments extending personalized service to intended parents with utmost dedication.

With great pleasure and satisfaction, we provide our intended parents a free access to our egg donor database. Our egg donors are healthy and young with a great fertility potential. They are also willing to travel abroad to countries like India, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico and Cyprus to help intended parents have a baby of their own and start a family.

New Life South Africa fully comprehends the vitality of selecting the right egg donor for intended parents as it makes all the difference between painful childless stigma and the eternal bliss of having a child and a happy family. For this reason, we have preserved the photos, physical, psychological and medical status of each and every egg donor to facilitate choice by the intended parents keeping a track on the latest position of our candidates. We even record the level of education and habits of egg donors to help parents realize whose spawn they are going to raise tracing back to the family tree of the egg donor. Habitual smokers, drinkers and drug addicts are rejected summarily. The authenticity of the information disclosed by the donors before making entry into New Life South Africa’s database are verified from different reliable angles and we are quite resourceful on this. Many intended parents have a fancy for Caucasian egg donors. Since we have a close connection with our franchises in Georgia and Ukraine, organizing a Caucasian egg donor is not a farfetched dream.

Similarly, the surrogate mothers included in our database have excellent service records. We ensure that our surrogate mothers have at least one baby of their own. Our surrogate mothers are generous and most willing to help intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood. Although we have several surrogate mothers as a standby, our specialists’ decision is final depending upon how well the surrogate mother responds to the medical stimulation. New Life South Africa’s infertility treatment programs are designed to give cent percent gratification to intended parents.