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My experience as donor

My experience as donor

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Good Day I would like to share my experience as donor in Cancun Mexico with New Life and Junette. My first donation experience with New Life and Junette was absolutely great, I feel so blessed to have been apart of it. We were treated and looked after very well by…

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I am beyond grateful

I am beyond grateful

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I am beyond grateful for the experience given to me by new life, to complete another cycle to help a couple to achieve their dream of a child is a blessing. The experience was not only amazing, but left me in awe at how Newlife not only cares for but…

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My Cambodian Experience

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Being a donor has been one of the best experiences of my life and every donation is a new journey that I embrace and cherish. My Cambodian experience was by far the best donation experience by far as it was my first time traveling with a group. At first, I…

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First-time donor in Cambodia

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My experience throughout this whole trip was truly amazing. I never felt this much part of anything like the few days spent in Cambodia. The clinic was a “treat” to go to. The nurses and people were so helpful and caring. One thing that stood out for that really meant…

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Donation in Cambodia

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This was my second time donating with New Life and I can say the experience only gets better! Before my first donation, I had so many questions. Junette, my coordinator was more than willing to explain everything to myself and my parents. She made me feel extremely well cared for…

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Amazing donor program

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Dear New Life and Junette, I would like to thank you for the Amazing donor program that you are running! I recently had a donation at the North Cyprus Clinic in Cyprus. First of all Cyprus is an amazing Place to go: with its friendly people that make you feel…

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SA3“You never really realize the magnitude of a situation or the impact it will have on you until you are completely immersed in it. Until you let go of all fears and just allow things to be. That’s how I felt about my very first donation.

It was truly one of the most beautiful and profound experiences this world has to offer.

I was lucky enough to travel to Cambodia and stayed in the most beautiful hotel. I felt like a princess. I was so well looked after. Junette our coordinator is a queen among queens. She made sure that everything ran so smoothly.

I was fortunate enough to meet my IP’s. In that moment time stood still. The amount of gratitude and love I was shown was so overwhelming. Truly The best part of this entire experience, and because of it, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this precious gift again.”

SA2“I am happy to share with you that I had the opportunity to donate in Cambodia this year, which was so exciting! It was truly a rewarding experience. Everything went smoothly and was very well organized. Junette, our South African Coordinator, arrange everything, from our blood tests, doctors visits, and travel arrangements. She was with us the entire time during the procedure.

She made sure that we were as comfortable as possible and we were very well taken care of. The Hotel we stayed at in Phnom Phen was Incredible!!

Meeting and connecting with the Intended Parents was very special. Being able to help make a dream come true for them is really fulfilling. Adding value to other people’s lives and realizing that this experience adds value to my life is so gratifying.

I would recommend New Life South Africa to anyone who is considering being an egg donor. I cannot wait to be selected again!”

Hi Everyone

I donated in Nepal in March and it was an amazing experience! I got the opportunity to give one of the most amazing gifts to prospective parents. The South African Coordinator arranged everything, from the first doctor’s visit up to the moment I had to donate. It was so easy with all the guidelines I got from her. The procedure was so quick; before you know it you are done with the donation and can go home.

Above donating, I got to visit the palace and the Monkey Temple in Nepal, it was awesome! I learnt about different cultures, I met people from different parts of the world and I made some good friends.

I am so excited to  be selected again, and can’t wait to see what this next adventure will bring

“I thought I should just share a short story on this marvelous opportunity that I got to donate for New Life South Africa. I recently visited  INDIA for a donation. Before leaving on this life changing journey, the coordinator Junette Van Aarde organized all my scans and tests to check that my blood and IVF health is in order. This is necessary to ensure that my cycles synchronies with the recipient parents and that the appropriate  dosage of meds are taken for successful follicle stimulation.

All flight and accommodation arrangements are handled very efficiently by New Life and their coordinator. After our arrival in India,  we immediately got picked up by company driver and then taken to a very comfortable 5 star hotel, with a wide variety of healthy meals.

Donors are required to visit the company clinic on a daily basis for scheduled appointments  in aid in better health IVF stimulation. once follicle count is at its best then procedure will happen a day after final  trigger shot is taken. You then get admitted and gently taken good care of for a very quick 15min painless internal procedure under general anesthetic in top class health care, after donation retrieval  is done and having  time to relax and explore,  the very next day, curiosity made us girls adventure to Taj Mahaal, saw markets, mixed with culture, learned history and spiritually connected with myself and  others . Admiring true beauty in the symmetry, geometric ambiance influenced in the design of temples, culture  and  buildings. Thanks to the coordinator for making me feel so comfortable, relaxed and safe through this entire journey to see something exciting, new and  so rewarding !

I’m also truly grateful and blessed  to  have met and connected  with the recipients, soon to be parents  of this successful donation. I admire this intelligent practice, it’s the solution to many new families that struggle in fertility and results show confidently , it’s now possible to consider this process . there are many positives thru this,  learning valuable information on your own health, realizing its a life changing gift for myself and others, opportunity to travel and discover one’s self. As a universal plasma donor it makes me proud to increase the opportunity to help people in need of a baby that they so wish to have and truly deserve. I congratulate the  parents an amazing, successful journey of new life and to all the donors and surrogacy’s that make this possible with true bliss.


I donated in India recently – what an awesome experience!  The Coordinator  was on the ball with all the arrangements, I did not have to worry about a thing.  The special care and attention I received was top class and made me feel totally at ease.  Our Coordinator  has gone out of her way to treat us and made this trip a memorable one.  I loved every minute of it, visiting the Taj Mahal was one truly magical.

First of all I’d like to thank  to  all New Life Team for the work you do. It’s wonderful  way you help to create life and achieve people’s dreams… by the way WE PREGNANT ”
”It has been absolutely amazing to be able to donate for families from different countries :) and the different destinations that New Life has sent me to help these couples, I felt so blessed.
I really enjoyed Tbilisi and as you can see by photos it’s the most unique city , like the signs say as you get to the International airport “ Tbilisi Loves you’’  this is the truth for sure .
I met my recipients and what a lovely couple they are. :) Seeing a different places and countries has always been a dream of mine and what an awesome way to make my dream come true.

Thank you New Life


This was my second trip with New Life and I can in all honesty say that it was the absolute best trip that I have ever had.  The new New Life clinic in is amazing, Junette our co-coordinator is amazing, the other girls on the trip was amazing so overall the trip was just (yes you guessed it) AMAZING.  Let’s start at the beginning…

Doing a trip for only a week is what first attracted me to become a donor at New Life, I’m a student and it is sometimes very difficult to get away and miss classes etc. for longer than a week.  I then met Junette and she was the final reason why I signed up.  Having such a kind-hearted, nice co-coordinator looking after us puts a girl’s mind at rest.  You know you will be safe, well looked after and that everything is taken care of.  There is thus nothing to worry about and you can just focus on your donation.

After all the tests and scans it was go time.  The excitement you feel before flying to visit a foreign country never gets old.  All of the South African donors came together at Cape Town International airport for a last home breakfast with Junette before we were off.  The flights etc. are well organized and we did not have a long lay-over at Dubai’s airport which makes the flight time so much quicker.

When we got to our destination we hopped into a cab and were off to the new apartments.  On my previous trip we stayed in a beautiful hotel and it was really nice, but the new apartments just had that something extra you need on a trip.  They are very spacious with different rooms, a nice equipped kitchen, a lounge and TWO bathrooms.  Having an extra bathroom where a lot of girls stay is always a plus point.  The staff was very friendly, the apartments very clean and the swimming pool and Jacuzzi a real treat.  There is also a gym and entertainment room.

All of the girls on this trip (including myself) are on a bit off a health kick.  The apartments helped so much for this.  We went to Tesco and bought the nicest, healthiest groceries.  One of the girls cooked for us a few times.  The meals were delicious and we sat around the table like a little family and ate and talked nonsense for hours on end.  This never would have been possible in a hotel.

After exploring our new home we were off to the clinic for our final scans and retrieval dates.  I could not believe my eyes when I walked into the clinic and it was so clean and beautiful.  I love the modern look.  And even more of a surprise was the fact that there was no queue of girls sitting there waiting for a scan.  When you walk in you get helped straight away, fill in your forms and go for your scan.  No sitting around for hours and hours like at the other clinics.  The Doctor at the clinic is such a nice person.  He makes you feel at ease from the moment he meets you.  The scans etc. went very well and it was time to get some sleep.

We had the best adventure on our fourth day on the trip .  We went riding on elephants!! This was so much fun.  Even though I was really scared I enjoyed every second of it.  Especially when they walked into the water.  I have not ever giggled nervously so much in my whole life.  Thank you so much to Junette and the New Life team who made this fun experience possible for us.

On the day of our retrieval I was once again amazed by the clinic.  I went in quite early and they give you a bed to rest on before you get a drip before your procedure.  This was new for me as I have never before been prepped before a procedure.  Usually it is get dressed in that ugly “dress” and in you go.  This time we got medicine in the form of drips to make the after care so much easier for a donor.  And it worked!!!! Never in the past did I feel so good after donating.  I felt completely normal in such a way that it makes one wonder if the procedure has happened or if it still needs to happen.  This just show how good the Dr. and staff at the clinic were.  My blood pressure was a bit low after the procedure and for this I got an extra drip to pick it up.

When you get out of the surgery room a heart monitor is attached to you to check even more if everything is fine with you.  When I woke up I noticed that one of the nurses  was still sitting next to my bed monitoring the heart monitor.  I then asked him what was going on and he told me that they picked up that I have an abnormal heart beat.  The anesthesiologist then came to have a look and made sure I’m fine to go home, but said I have to go to my Dr. when I get back to South Africa.  I really appreciated this as I would otherwise never have known.  I visited my Dr. back in South Africa and my abnormal heart beat is not dangerous, but it is a very good thing to be aware off.  Thanks to the Doctors at New Life!!

We had a lovely rest after our procedure and I still experienced no pain.  The next day we went to the weekend market with Junette and Matuta.  It was great fun!! All the shopping and different things to see were very interesting.  We had lunch in the middle of the market at the most interesting place I have ever eaten.  Thank you very much to Junette for taking us there, it was truly  a great experience.  And thank you very much to Matuta for our lovely presents.  I have used my “necklace/purse” since I’ve been back in South Africa and it works perfectly, I love it!

It was then time to pack and fly back home with sadness that such a great trip was over
I had so much fun with Junette and the girls.  Going out for lunch or supper, laying around in the apartment, tanning at the swimming pool or doing some shopping, it all was great fun.  I miss our little family.

Thank you again to everyone who was a part of this.  To New Life for giving us the opportunity to donate and providing us with such a lovely clinic.  To Junette who kept us safe, organized everything from A – Z for us, who always keep our spirits up, who makes sure we have everything we need and that we are happy and lastly just for being her.  She is truly the best coordinator I have ever had.  Thank you to the staff at the clinic for taking such good care of us before and after our procedures.  I would definitely recommend New Life to any girl who wants to donate.

Much love

LM xxx

Great Journey with New Life
“My journey with New Life started almost two years ago when I met the lovely Junette,: What a women, she is phenomenal, caring, kind, never just assumes, always ask.
She made sure to always make contact with me, even when I was busy even by just a little message.
I have not met many people like her, and I can see why she has this wonderful job, she is so good at it, organised, willing, and most of all always reachable and very reliable , when she says she will call  you or get back to you today, she does, she is excellent at her work and a wonderful people’s person. I feel like I have made a new friend in her, and what a privilege and blessing to know someone as lovely as Junette.

Once I was called by Junette to say that I had been chosen by a lucky couple, I was told Exactly when to go onto my pill and off. My medication was sent to a pharmacy close to my home which was very convenient for me, all the medication was all ready paid for, I just had to go and fetch it from the pharmacy.

Junette phoned me and explained exactly when I should start injecting myself and how much medication it was very easy to do that and it did not hurt one bit. I went for two scans in my hometown which was all paid for by the company, and finally the day came to fly to lovely Georgia

I met Junette at the airport, where she drove all the way to just meet me, meeting her for the first time face to face didn’t feel any different then meeting here on the phone and through emails, she is so comfortable with herself she makes you feel comfortable, she is easy to talk to, and just a really, really nice person. We had lunch, and off I went to board.

It was a long but enjoyable flight, the airline was amazing. Upon my arrival in Georgia I was met by New Life’s driver, what a nice, funny man, he just makes you laugh. We went from there to the clinic.

At the clinic I was helped very quickly, I had a scan and my medication adjusted, from there I went to the New Life offices where I met Sophie that also works for New Life, what a lovely lady she gave me some spending money and we sat down and talked about a few things and she told me more about their beautiful city and where to go to, she was very helpful, friendly and concerned that I was happy with all, which off course I was, I then got taken to the hotel where I rested. The hotel was amazing with a beautiful swimming pool, and with the wonderful weather of 34 degrees I got a very nice tan.

I went for a few more scans, everything is so organised. When you have a doctor’s appointment, the driver fetches you and brings you back. The doctor was a lady and so nice. After a couple of scans and my “eggies” growing to the correct size, the doctor gave me my final injection, on the day of retrieval I came to the hospital with the driver and was taken for one more scan, and after that I went to put on those ohhh so very “sexy” hospital clothes, it was not long after that, that I went in for my procedure.

After I woke up from the procedure the doctor came to me immediately and asked me how I felt, I felt really good but still very sleepy, which has been the case with previous donations too, I sleep very long, after I had rested enough, I got dressed and went for another scan, this to me was very nice as the doctor showed me all was fine and that she was happy with how it went.

I then went back to the hotel where I just relaxed. Two days after the retrieval I went for a final scan to see that all was well, the doctor is very concerned to make sure that you are happy and that all is fine once you leave. This is something I thought was very nice, making sure to show you that all is fine.

I had a lovely time walking around in the beautiful city, and enjoying all the lovely little shops and beautiful churches and Cathedrals. Old Thibilisi is very magical with many places looking like castles. The food was amazing, and there were many beautiful places to see, the hotel was walking distance from many places. I had a wonderful time. I just want to say a special thank you to New Life for giving me this opportunity and also to Junette, you are a wonderful women and I am so glad I got the chance to meet you through New Life, also to Sophie for being so nice and helpful and to the driver Edo who made the whole experience just as much fun by being so fun and taking me around.

To any new girls wanting to Join New Life, I have only a few words for you: What are you waiting for….”

Our Dear Angel

Today is your big day, happy birthday love, hope you are celebrating with your loved ones and having fun.
We think about you every day and you are in our heart and we are so thankful for the precious princes you helped us to bring into the world.
We named her Melissa, she is amazing and very good baby,an angel just like you.


We bless you every day and cherish you,may God bless you and your family and your loved ones.
We send you hugs and kisses and wish you all of your dreams come true.Lots of lots of love


My Georgian Experience

The first words that come to mind when I look back at my first donation is speechless and I am left in complete awe, but before my Tbilisi adventure could start, New Life took all the necessary precautions to ensure that my well-being always remained their first priority.

New Life takes the utmost care in hand picking the best gynaecologists in Cape Town, South Africa and they are beyond friendly, kind but most of all gentle with you. I always hated the idea of someone fiddling with my lady parts but I got so comfortable that my gynaecologist that appointments seemed to fly by with no discomfort at all. The injections were the fun part for me; yes I’m a weirdo that way, I literally used to count down the time to give myself some jabs in my tummy (if you not a needle person don’t worry Junette is more than willing to do them for you). The only side efforts from the injections is some light bruising, sometimes a bit of a sting, and then maybe the sensation of your tummy feeling a bit hard/bloated in some areas.


Once the injections start working and your eggs start growing it’s nearly time to get on that plane and that’s when the real fun starts. Once my eggs had grown to the correct size it’s was time for me to get on a plane to Georgia alone I might add. This wasn’t the first time I had travelled abroad by myself but it was the first going abroad to no one I knew, but with the go-getter and up-for-anything attitude I pride myself with, once I was on that plane it felt like I was going to a place I had already known. I was welcomed at the Tbilisi Airport by the New Life driver Edu who escorted me to the head offices to meet all the other ladies who were absolutely welcoming and so excited to have me there I really felt like royalty. After a quick check up at the gynaecologist I Edu showing me around for future travels I was taken to the most amazing Holiday Inn ever and I got to call this place home for a week.


Exploring a whole new world was the best part of my experience and I was thankful that I got to do it alone because my wonderings weren’t dictated by another party, I could discover new things to my heart’s content. Soon it was D-day and time for my procedure. I met with the anaesthesiologist who explained how he would be using a very light anaesthesia because it is a very light procedure and made double sure I wasn’t allergic to the type of anaesthesia he would be using. The actual procedure took about an hour, hour and a half maybe. Waking up was a bit of a blur but I regained full consciousness within minutes the pain wasn’t too bad and the New Life ladies took me out for lunch straight after which shows how mobile you can be after the retrieval process. And in the in trim of all of this Junette called me each and every day sometimes more than once a day to check on how I am doing how I’m feeling or if there was anything I needed which just proves how much these amazing women at New Life care about you and your well-being.


So all in all I had a truly amazingly beautiful experience but most of all I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to helpa couple build a family and make their dreams come true. I am so grateful that New Life creates these unbelievable opportunity not only for potential donors to travel and do good at the sametime, but the opportunity for someone to have the family they have always wanted.

This is fro one of our amazing donors who helped one of our intended parent in Thailand:
“I was so excited when I heard I was selected, it was an honour for me. Junette was very helpful throughout everything. I loved the flights. There were no issues.  I enjoyed every second of my trip..  The hotel and food was great…  even the doctors were very friendly. Felt like they took very good care of us. Also went over with a nice group of girls and made friends for life . I also loved meeting my IP. I just once again realised how special it is what we doing for them. He was so grateful. My Procedure went very well and the clinic staff & Dr was very caring , it was over before I knew it .

I would really love to again. Was an amazing experience :)

Love Candice”


Good day Everyone…
Here is the testimonial that you all have been waiting for patiently.
After all formalities and screening, I finally got the great news that I have been chosen to donate in Thailand for an amazing couple.

My Coordinator guided me step by step. Being the first time donor, I was still a little scared about the process, injections and side effects she told me about.

Day 1: The day has come where it all started and there was no turning back. We visited our Doctor where I had my first appointment. They did a pap smear, breast exam and internal scan. It was a little weird but it was over before I knew it and I felt great after Doctor said everything looks good and healthy. That evening I started my injections as instructed. I wasn’t sure if I could Inject myself but My Coordinator explained everything clearly and assisted me with my first injections. The needles are so small I hardly felt anything and it took me max 15mins and my first night of injecting was over. She did warn me that the hormones might make me a little moody / emotional.

Day 2: When I woke up there was a message from my Coordinator already checking up on me making sure I was feeling fine, I felt great and told myself I need an ice cream as an award for doing this like a champ. The evening I did the injections as I was instructed and no mess, no fuss. I injected my hormones at 90 degree angle and this time I didn’t even feel it. It’s so easy with the Golan F pen, you turn it to what dosage you need, count the clicks, wait for about 10 seconds and it’s done.

Day 3: Today I thought I would be a little bloated but I’m still feeling great. After my visit to Dr it was amazing to see how well I’m responding to the medication and to see how the follicles are growing. I was starting to feel proud of my wonderful deed in helping someone else’s dream come true. My dosage stayed the same and followed the instructions as is .

Day 4: Today I seem to be a little emotional but nothing I cannot handle. I’m getting excited as the days for me to travel to Thailand is getting less. Looking forward to some sun in a few days.


Hi all!
I just thought I’d put my New life Donor experience into writing. As it may resourceful to any other potential Donor’s.

I first became aware of fertility egg donation programmes via a friend who had been a donor. Initially I had no interest in being a donor myself, overtime I became quite curious as to what an egg donation programme entails. I then approached a local South African clinic, they sent me an application to be on their database. I was contacted 2 months later to be a donor for a foreign couple. Blood tests, a therapy session and scans were done thereafter I was given fertility medication to inject myself with, within this process you have approximately 3-4 scans to examine how your eggs are growing also to establish harvest day. On harvest day you go into clinic, your put under anaesthesia for the procedure to be done this takes about 20-30 minutes, once your awake and fully functioning you may leave. At no time may you speak/ask questions about your ‘parents’ that your donating for because you will not get a reply.

Egg donation in South Africa is completely anonymous by law an egg donor will know who has received her eggs and recipients have no information on the egg donor, other than what is on her profile. This can leave you feeling very detached although you go for a therapy session and are made aware as to how far your involvement goes, you still can’t help feeling that way. In my opinion It’s made me feel like an egg factory the way procedure ‘has’ to be resorts you to feeling that you kind of just did it for the money. When you know that you have plucked up the courage as well as all the thought that goes into such a good deed.

My experience with New life was totally the opposite. New life is an international egg donation company, a close friend of mine has had the privilege of becoming South Africa’s coordinator. So when she contacted me to be on her database I said yes, the same basic procedures follow as local clinics but with New life you as the donor is treated like a queen, you are filled in with all personal details and all information from the recipients to what the doctor has to say is disclosed with you. The biggest highlight is that your procedure is done abroad whether it be Thailand, Georgia, Cyprus or India. Your flight tickets, Visa, accommodation and food are all sorted for you as well as your coordinator escorting you on your journey, most times you get to meet you recipients over lunch or dinner which is so fulfilling their gratitude expressed as well as the intimate experience is glorifying. I have had the experience to travel to Cyprus as well as Thailand the overall experience was wonderful from beginning to end, you are taken care of to the fullest with the finest medical attention.


A common question you may have as a first time donor might be: Is it harmful to my reproductive system?
Women are born with millions of eggs in their ovaries and most egg retrieval processes result in 10-20 eggs. Women are just as fertile after donating their eggs as they were before the donation. A safe number of times to donate in your life is 6 times Overall egg donation is a commitment not just a quick pay day. Each donor is carefully screened and Intensive tests are done, such as hormone levels and a number of other tests. It is not legal or medically appropriate to allow a female to donate if she is not capable on a medical level. Stimulation part and what to expect? Stimulation- while injecting yourself you may feel sensitive as well as emotional however do not freak out as your body is just being prepared to be at its most fertile stage. When procedure is done it is normal to feel abdominal sensitivity so be gentle and it would be most advisable to rest thereafter, stay hydrated and eat egg white as it’s known for protein to help heal quicker. Remember that you are very fertile for a few weeks thereafter so sexual activities should be kept under wraps. Also allow yourself to heal properly. In no time you’ll be back to normal.

My experience as a donor has been invaluable, being able to give a couple the gift of life is one of the most fulfilling moments in my life. Many people have their own views such as being donor means that the child is yours- on a chromosome and genetic level of course this is true, and the child is very much a part of you, however knowing your motives and reasons for being part of a procedure like this should clarify certain things to you. You need to fully understand and do research before going through with such an experience because there is no cancelling once you have filled out forms and started with your medication. Personally I prefer to keep my profile as a donor private to prevent conflicting views or anything else that may come along.
Yours Sincerely

I remember the excitement that I felt when I heard that I was chosen to donate, such a special feeling!
From the doctors appointments to the injections I felt safe and fortunate.
My first donation was in Bangkok Thailand and when I think about it I can still smell the Thai food and feel the people staring.
I stayed in a 5 star Hotel where I was treated like a Princess , I felt safe at all times , the peoples friendliness is overwhelming .
When I woke up from the procedure the first thing I asked the nurse was “is it good eggs” she frowned and then smiled and said “they are perfect”. I never felt so good, I knew that I have helped someone and that I wanted to experience that feeling more often.
The people that works for New Life is amazing, each and everyone of them, they have gold hearts.
My coordinator here in South Africa and in Thailand was absolute angels ! They helped and guided me so well. I adore them ! In Thailand they went everywhere with me , took me shopping and was with me every step during the egg retrieval
The whole experience was great and I cannot wait to donate again!
The “New Life family” is absolute angels from above!

My experience with New Life was Amazing. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. The South African Co ordinator was great. She guided me through everything and was very supportive. If I had any questions or concerns she was always available to answer them.

When I got to DEL airport, there was a taxi awaiting my arrival with my name on a board, which made me feel immediately welcome.
The hotel was absolutely stunning!!! 24hour Wi-Fi, 3 course buffets, 24hour room service, air conditioned rooms, swimming pool, 2 clubs and wonderful staff, what more could you ask for!

Every visit to the clinic was accompanied by the Co-ordinator and a chauffeured taxi. One would think that being at a hospital in another country would be scary, however, New Life Clinic India was great. The staff were so friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. Everyone treated me as though I was part of their family.

The actual retrieval took about 15mins. They explained everything to me, step by step.
I would like to thank everyone at New Life for the amazing experience and the new friendships that was developed. When I decided to become a donor, I did it to make a difference in someone else’s life, however, this was definitely a life changing experience for me. I now have a new family called the “Newlife Family”. You all have such good hearts and it shines through.

I cant wait to see you all again

I had an amazing experience donating with New Life Egg Doners . From day one of my process , being selected my coordinator was there every step of the way , I had nothing to worry about I had support threw the whole process from going for my blood tests to my Dr’s visits .

I received all medication and Instructions on how when and dosages I had to inject . The injections was a walk in the park its such small needles that you don’t even feel a thing. My first night I had to inject my coordinator and I met up where she helped me with my first injections and made sure I would be able to do next by myself , witch I did with no trouble at all , my tummy did get a little bloated but that’s normal nothing to worry about .
After everything was looking good and positive , I received my flight details , visa was ready I was days away from visiting this amazing country abroad and makes someone’s dream come true.

My program was in India Mumbai , my flight was with Emirates one of the top Airlines in the world and the stop over in Dubai I have no words for how big that airport its really something to see . The flight is 12 hrs but it goes so quick with the entertainment on board .

When I arrived in Mumbai there was a Taxi from the Hotel waiting for me , I felt like a celebrity as I met them even got complimentary water , that really helped cause at first it takes you about 20 min to adjust to the climate but my luxury Taxi with air con made the drive to the Hotel very comfortable . I was amazed by everything around me what a country to visit .

As I arrived at the Hotel they were already waiting for me to book in , my room was something out of a movie and the view breathtaking , I stayed on the beach at Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach cant start to describe how wonderful everything there was . Everything was ready even the Wifi in my room so I could stay in contact with Family and Friends back home.

My first day of Dr visit in Mubai , I was accompanied by the Coordinator from the Hotel to the Clinic . My Dr was so nice made sure I was well rested and explained to me what the next steps would be and when and how I should do my Trigger shot , the most Important it must be taken at an exact time , like early hours of the morning . Everyone was so supportive I got a wake up call from the Hotel and my Coordinator what I really thought was going that extra mile .

The Day of my egg retrieval I was accompanied with my Coordinator to the hospital where I was booked in and prepared for everything , everyone was so friendly and helpful and made me feel very comfortably , about 10 min before I went in the Dr came to my room to explain to me exactly whats going to happen and that it will only take 15min .

I was out before I knew it , and I felt normal and hardly any pain it was just like the day you get your menses but nothing to take pain killers for . I had to stay in the hopital for about an hour just for them to monitor me. After I was discharged I went back to the hotel where I enjoyed my time on the beach and at the pool .

The next day my Coordinator went with me to the markets and temples showed me around this breath taking country , where I got some things for Loved ones and it being so cheap I could bring everyone a little something from India .

I didn’t just made someones dream come true with helping them have a family , I had a real Eat Pray Love experience , If you ever watched that movie its everything like that .
I met the most amazing Girl that I can now call some of my Best Friends people that will always have a place in my heart .

Its something I would do all over again , and I would Like to thank New Life for the opportunity to give back and the chance I had to see a wonderful Country without them this wouldn’t have been possible it was a life changing experience

Thank you
With Love