The first time I heard mention of someone “donating their eggs” I honestly thought, O my goodness what next.

Little did I know what that meant – and what your donation means to a family who can’t have children on their own.

I am so overwhelmingly blessed to have been apart of the New Life Donor program, unknown to them, they had changed my life in so many ways, sometimes it feels to me like I wasn’t helping others as much as being apart of the program was actually helping me.

I have seen 4 different countries, traveled the world, made the deepest friendships and experienced the most amazing things I will probably never have been able to experience had I not donated.

Our coordinator, Junette- is someone who honestly and sincerely cares and is passionate about people and family, you can see and feel that in the way she treats us as donors.

From Doctor , to the girls at all the clinics I have donated in and visited, to the owners and directors of New Life as well as the Parents who are so grateful and tearful to meet you and hold your hand in thanks – this has been the most amazing experience of my life.

I humbly thank you

All my love – and for the last time

With warm regards